Scientist, think here of the two huge bubbles as something rather like the two domains or basins of a Lorenz attractor. The 3D space and 3D time act as its three ODEs (or Ordinary Differential Equations) whereby the merged space/time stress vector can iterate the evolving nonlinear solution of universal, emergent reality. 

Fortunately, due to the constant revolving warp of the mactors, along with the reciprocal scaling for space, time, matter, and energy, the two bubbles can exist inside each other at opposite ends of the sizing spectrum. Thus our universe acts much like a giant Lorenz oscillator that is caught in a Klein bottle. We live in a kleiniverse.

How many dimensions are in our Double Bubble universe? Each mirror-twin bubble holds 3.5 fractal dimensions…that's 7 dimensions so far. Plus the mactor level holds many tiny mobic bands faced by 2D space and 2D time…providing it there with 4 more dimensions of space and time.

In all, this gives the 11 dimensions favored by most superstring theories. But look, these are not just theoretical variables added to unify forces in Kaluza-Klein style. These dimensions of the Double Bubble universe exist in three cooperating subsets, and unlike most string theories, each even contains a balance between space and time!​

​​​​​​In physics…this TOE says that at the origin of our universe, a master code developed using gravitons. Their coding rhythms established a fractal co-chaos dynamic that generated the Double Bubble shape of our universe.

Regard the two huge, conjoined twins of our Double Bubble universe. They are made of the four great primals: space, time, matter, and energy. The upper bubble holds spacetime plus regular matter and energy, as well as the known pole of gravitation. The lower bubble holds timespace plus antimatter and tachyonic energy, as well as the lost pole of gravitation.

Up here way above the Planck level, we normally say that our familiar bubble has 4 dimensions…3D space and 1D time. Our contiguous 3D space is polarized such that each dimension operates in two opposing directions—up and down, side to side, back and forth. So much for space. This TOE agrees with that assessment.

However, this TOE says that our ubiquitous arrow of time is really only half a dimension! Why?…because it has only one direction or pole, a to with no fro. It can only move ahead. The arrow of time cannot backtrack. It is ½D time!

A strange, complementary bubble hides far below the Planck level. It is a conjoined, identical twin to our own, a reversing mirror-image, a doppelganger of this bubble above. In its timespace, contiguous 3D time is polarized such that each dimension of time operates in two opposing directions. We here in the upper bubble have no words for such a phenomenon, but we can try to imagine it as a temporal parallel to our own 3D space's up and down, side to side, back and forth. And likewise, its ubiquitous arrow of space is really only half a dimension. Why?…it only moves ahead. That arrow of space cannot backtrack. It is ½D space.

This reversing-mirror reciprocity of space and time in the two bubbles can be described by mathematics and the inversion laws of physics…which can also describe why the lower bubble contains antimatter, tachyonic energy, and the lost pole of gravitation in contrast to what exists here in the upper bubble.

A membrane interface joins the two bubbles. In it, each "cellular pore" combines features of a Mobius band and a Lorenz attractor. Hence its name of mactor. This mactor scale where space and time emerge is far smaller than the Planck scale where quantum units of matter and energy emerge…so small that it allows a unique sweet spot of dimensionality to exist in each pore: a warping, continuous mobic band where three graviton beats can trace a triangle with opposing faces of 2D space and 2D time. This 2DD triangle can exist nowhere else.

The mactor dynamic in each pore then develops—with just one more beat!—four such triangles to form a 3DD tetrahedron with two volumes, inner and outer. The four planar triangles fit neatly into the mactor scale. But the two volumes do not. The outer volume of 3D space projects far above the mactor scale, while the inner volume of 3D time projects far below it. These form an hourglass cell whose wasp-waist sits in the pore of the mactor scale interface. All the hourglass cells projecting from all the pores across the universe merge holographically into two huge bubbles.

The bubble that we know up here holds 3D space shot full of what we call the ubiquitous arrow of time. The other bubble holds 3D time shot full of its ubiquitous arrow of space. Those arrows are really formed by three infinity 
loops moving in each hourglass cell, stress vectors that travel between both bubbles, repolarizing each time they switch bubbles, and merging holographically to produce what we see as the arrow of time up here…plus its complementary opposite below. It is always right now! up here. On the other hand, it is always right here! down there. There is no over there down there…and how bizarrely hard it is to convey this in English!

…while the mathematical and philosophical aspects are reminiscent of the Chinese way of the Tao, especially as seen in the ancient I Ching math and meaning. They still influence world culture. Here you can discern the 8 trigram symbols on a Frisbee.

​​In metaphysics​…this TOE says the lower bubble of 3D time holds a vast unified mind. It is powered by tachyonic energy moving far faster than the speed of light squared. This vast unified mind stores the patterning resonance of everything that exists above, organizing it as constellations of tachyonic energy in a cloudbank that is spread throughout its contiguous 3D time. It holds all patterns, including even the individual pattern of your psyche, and it interacts with you in hidden ways to update your life, mind and body, along this bubble's timeline. Ditto for its organization in omnipresent here updating on the spaceline below.

Awake, we know only the domain above the Planck level. But the many tiny, diversified mini-minds throughout this bubble can sometimes communicate with that great mind below. We humans tap into its messages beyond the ego's limits occasionally…in dreams, meditation, remote viewing, channeling, and other altered states. Our mini-minds may even travel intentionally into that larger cloudbank of stored data to view it more consciously. Cultures have called it tapping into the Akashic record, the collective unconscious, the Oversoul, remote viewing, and so on.

The ancients viewed this ability to tap into an awareness beyond time, space, and even the grave as evidence of psyche—the  Greek word for soul. This TOE says we do have ongoing souls as fractal patterns of awareness that live on after physical death in a material body. They are stored within that vast tachyonic cloudbank far beneath the Planck level in universal mind itself. But note, I do not say this universal mind is God. I speak now only of the universal mind, alive in the universal body. Yes, this TOE postulates that our universe lives, and its master code written in gravitons beats was the template for our own minor genetic code variant written in DNA molecules.

In the lower bubble, the universal mind will sometimes iterate repeatedly the tiny minds of individuals in certain species here and there throughout the universe. They manifest in new physical forms above the mactor scale. Each reiteration creates yet another cycle of that soul'w physical existence in matter. Why does this happen? It puts that soul back into matter again to test and refine it even more. The ancients called such fractal iterations of the evolving energy of mind in the evolving matter of body by the term reincarnation.

The great unified mind in the lower bubble does it to explore ways to increase consciousness and communication between the two bubbles. You are I are part of the universe's effort to expand its awareness of itself, and even of what lies beyond. 

Newton's discoveries carried classical mechanics right up through the 19th century. But at the start of the 20th century, it got swallowed whole by the new, larger “standard model of particles” and "standard model of cosmology" initiated by Max Planck, Albert Einstein, and others.

Yet now modern physics is choking on new, unaccountable data. The accelerating expansion of space? Dark matter?  Dark energy? What's going on with this universe? Whatever comes along next must absorb the old physics within a new theory that is even more comprehensive and useful.

​The theory of physics that you'll see here requires a really big gulp…even all the way to metaphysics. This Theory of Everything (or TOE) investigates physics and metaphysics to find where they converge in consciousness. It describes a physical, mathematical, and philosophical way to look at our Double Bubble universe.

The physics aspect is reminiscent of the Lorenz attractor model


Dr. Katya Walter presented two papers at the 20th international conference of the Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences. 
Abstracts are available at this link:

Double Bubble Universe Cosmology

Double Bubble Universe Cosmology offers a new model for Theoretical Physics.