The Double Bubble Universe 

In this modern scientific age, wouldn’t it be odd to discover that the only way to unify gravitation with the other three forces of physics would turn out to require also reuniting mind with matter, even body with soul?

Wouldn’t it be a seismic jolt to realize that gravitation can only be explained by a viewpoint that stretches wide enough to include the evolving great mind within its living universal body?

Wouldn’t it be stunning to realize that your own personal mind is a facet of this larger universal mind, just as your body is a holographic fragment of its universal body?

Wouldn’t it be silly to find that so many ancient cultures have already known about this supreme existence of the living universe that it’s even called the perennial philosophy?

Wouldn’t it be even more absurd to discover that a rural tribe in China living thousands of years ago has handed down to us a shorthand for the key dynamics of this universal mind and body? That it succinctly encodes the warp of space and time and its lattice of dimensionality?

And to top it all off, wouldn’t it be humbling to realize that this ancient math uses a notation that is far quicker, cleaner, and denser than our newest geometries and topologies of M-theory can devise?

But it is this very odd possibility that we approach when, in our search for the root of gravitation, we stumble upon God’s TOE and find that it holds up the universe.

The upper bubble’s 3D space and the lower bubble’s 3D time act together as the three coupled, ordinary differential equations (ODEs) necessary to iterate along their interfacing path of 1/2D time and 1/2D space the evolving nonlinear solution of emergent reality.

At the mactor scale interface between the two bubbles, pulsing gravitons ride on the many tiny mactors. They transmit data in a graviton code that iterates in a complex, self-similar flow to evolve this ongoing solution of emergent reality.

These coded graviton bursts build space/time at the mactor scale. They also project at the planck scale what appear to us as the quanitized particle-waves of matter/energy. This emergent solution of reality refreshes the universe’s space/time form and updates its evolving matter/energy contents at a rate that makes our universe seem smooth and continuous to our normal senses and mechanical tools above the planck scale seen by physics.

Weirdly, due to the reciprocal scaling of the four primals of space, time matter and energy, the mirror-twin bubbles fit inside each other with a klein-bottle effect. This turns our Double Bubble universe into a kleiniverse that can be described by reciprocal laws of physics.

This TOE presents a special kind of fractal pattern existing in the structure of space, time, matter and energy. It is complementary chaos…or co-chaos for short. Exploring co-chaos, our human minds can transcend the limits of linear logic to understand the fuzzy, nonlinear conditions posed by Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.

Linear number can go binary so that 0/1no/yes, either/or can sequence to reach a goal. But analog number plays a different game. It can use the polarity of plus & minus to develop nuances of resonant proportion, even of exponential relationship.

When you merge sequencing binary number with analog number in exponential relationship, the chunky binary units and flowing analog resonances can work together to develop nonlinear dynamics in fractal patterning

How many dimensions are in the Double Bubble Universe? Count 7 dimensions in the two bubbles—with 3.5 fractal dimensions per bubble. Count 4 more dimensions at the mactor scale, where each mobic twist develops a tiny interface of 2D space and 2D time.

Taken all together, this makes a total of 11 unique dimensions in the Double Bubble universe. Its dimensionality is completely symmetrical across both bubbles.

The mactor dynamic in each cell of the membrane interface recalls a lorenz attractor, and it turns our universe into a huge attractor whose two domains are the upper and lower bubbles.


The everyday world that we know is said to have 4 dimensions…3 dimensions of space and 1 dimension of time.

But this TOE says the upper bubble of the Double Bubble universe that we live in has 3 dimensions of space and only 1/2 dimension of time…since our time is just a point of now going in only one direction: forward. It has only one pole, not two. Time cannot go back. 

A complementary twin bubble exists below the Planck scale. It is a conjoined identical twin, a reversing mirror-image, a doppelganger of the bubble above. It has 3 dimensions of time and 1/2 dimension of space.

A membrane interface exists between the two bubbles. In this membrane, each "cell"combines some features of a mobius band and a lorenz attractor. Call it a mactor.

The mactor scale allows a unique sweet spot of dimensionality to exist in each cell: the warping, continuous mobic loop whose "sides" are 2D space or 2D time. 

Myriad tiny mactors interface the two bubbles at this tiny scale where space and time are built. This mactor scale of universal reality is even smaller than the Planck scale that emits units of matter and energy.