The Chinese
of Creative Force

​​Sometime in the pre-dawn

of Monday, March 4, 1985, a dream took me into the union of all things. I entered a cosmic splendor so huge and raw and unspeakably awesome that it left me stunned by its blinding beauty.

And I was stunned that it would bother to show me how the universe came into being. I was not a scientist, nor even much interested in cosmology. But the dream carried me bang into the creation of the universe, and even before it.

But how could a mere dream do that? Perhaps it happened in the same way that Kekule dreamed of a snake biting its tail, so he realized that joining a string of carbon atoms into a ring gave the structure of the benzene molecule.

Or in the same way that Elias Howe realized from a dream that he should put a hole in the point of a sewing machine needle, not its head, in order to make his invention of the sewing machine work properly.

To get to the tiny Planck scale where matter and energy emerge, and even below it to the mactor scale where space and time emerge, I dropped down through layer after layer of human history, past hierarchies of human cultures, then of animals before cultures…before even humans, of flora before animals, back to cellular life and before that, flickering back past the Earth’s devolving crust to a time when it was all molten core, and before that to when it was aggregating meteors, and before that to when it was not. Back, back.

Back through the evolution in reverse of the universe itself. I entered a tiny knot that was a single-celled “cosmic egg" or cosmegg. I went into the tiny knot of universal beginning—years later I would understand that this knot was sort of like a Mobius loop combined with a Lorenz attractor—so eventually for short I began to call a mactor. But that the dream, I only knew it as the knot in aborning space and time that generated everything when it began ballooning out with one big thrust like a fist punching out in all directions at once.

Then I went back to a time when the knot was not, when time was not, when nothing was except an indecisive flutter of maybe with number trailing out its mouth. And before that, to nothing at all.

And before that, to glimpses of other universes like houses moving past my window on the train of eternity. How can I describe that vast architecture of elaborate hierarchies joining in the convergence of all things at the root of creation? To the connective divine love at its source?

This TOE explores some major mysteries posed by modern physics—gravitation, the universe's missing other pole of gravition, the antimatter lost at the origin of the universe, the asymmetry of the current spacetime signature, dark matter, and dark energy.

It also considers metaphysics at the root of nature itself, the wellspring in the human spirit that can connect with divine spirit…and the deep reaches of the unconscious mind from which the wellspring of all creativity flows. This TOE provides a provocative fractal way to merge physics and metaphysics. ​