Katya Walter, Ph.D.

Dr. Walter does dreamwork with groups & individuals.  She's worked internationally for 30 years with many individuals & groups in churches, prisons, community centers, & private homes. Currently she is based in Austin, TX.

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What is Dream work?
Dr. Katya Walter probes the roots of dreams in individual consultations and in groups. For an individual, working with the dreams reveals a private message of unconscious wisdom at the collective level that is delivered to each unique psyche as a dream letter from the universal mind below the mactor level of reality.

With a dream group, it is possible to see how the emerging dreams also develop a holographic group theme that is new and different each time for the group.

Randomly chosen dreams from the group always weave together into a shared holographic image of transcendent meaning. Carl Jung calledit" the acausal connecting principle of synchronicity."

Dr. Walter says the fractal power of co-chaos patterning is what causes synchronicity. Modern chaos theory is at the root of what Jung termed synchronicity. On scales large and small, this connectivity organizes self-similar patterns of matter and energy that iterate with variation over space and time.


It is exciting and instructive to discover what your dreams mean!

Dreams are sacred, according to ancient cultures.
Dreams show our human drama at the primal source. Here you nightly experience fractal patterning messages delivered to your own psyche. These nightly dramas enact our issues to give us sacred messages. In fact, Greek theater began by enacting healing dreams at the temple of Epidaurus.

Today our dream messages mostly go unheard. We do not know what to make of them. In this techno-prone culture, scientists mostly chart brain waves instead of exploring the relevance of dream meanings to an individual. Most people think their dreams are just wild and crazy mishmash…just "garbage in, garbage out" in the words of John Watson, co-discover of DNA. But in the words of Erich Fromm, psychologist, dreams use the "forgotten language."

This dream language can be learned again.
We all knew this language once, thousands of years ago. It rings with the symbols of resonant connection. We can learn to understand it again. Dreams employ images, punning, and gestures...much like when you play a game of charades. Every action signals something: "Sounds like.... Looks like...."

It's fun.
Even nightmares are fun when you figure out why they keep slapping you upside the head with a 2x4 of harassment to get your attention. What a relief when you finally do get the message!

We all have dreams.
Dreams are delivered in nightly mail from the unconscious worldwide. True, some people don't remember their dreams. They treat it like garbage in, garbage out.

Dreams are a gift on your pillow each morning.
Freud said that dreams are nightly letters from the unconscious. Dismissing dreams unexamined is like throwing away unread all the mail that is sent to you nightly.

Why does nature give us dreams?
Why do people around the world have dreams? Why did nature put this complex, yet universal mechanism into us?

Each dream tries to get a message across to help the dreamer. But people usually just shrug a dream off. The waking ego throws it out as senseless gibberish. Just another night letter from the unconscious, thrown away unread.

For instance, while conducting dream groups, I have seen many forecasting dreams brought by someone. That dream was sent by the unconscious to clue the person in on the most useful stance to take in an upcoming situation. How can a dream see around the corner of time to know what is up ahead? Well, it happens a lot.

This suggests that time is not really what we think it is in the waking, everyday world. Our dreams can tap into the vista of 3D time in the other bubble below the planck scale.That mirror-twin domain holds one universal mind powred by tachyonic energy that is spread throughout all time. It holds afar more analog, relational kind of zippy energy patterns that are configured, yet shifting, in 3D time. When you tap into the power down there, the energy patterns of your human life held in its 3D timing become as apparent to you as do the material patterns that are held in the 3D spacing of the world around you here in the upper bubble.

Dreams, trance, altered experiences offer the resistant ego a way into unconscious reality below  superficial appearance. This journey can bring you the nightmares of unintegrated experience or the bliss of profound peace. Exploring, without adequate supervision and direction, this far more analog realm in 3D time can railroad the unprepared, disordered mind into a virtual reality that becomes experienced as hell, demons, insanity, or a denied truth about yourself that is no longer escapable. The result can be traumatic.

Only integrity works. Nothing else will do over the long haul. Be brave. Be humble. Question constantly. Ask instead of being afraid, but probe with acumen what is happening. Couragekindness, caution, and query become your shield of protection. CKCQ.