Katya Walter

Bibliographical Note

My Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin has an interdisciplinary emphasis. I spent 5 years of post-doctoral study at the Jung Institute of Zurich, plus a post-year of study in China. I taught in colleges & universities in the USA & abroad for 16 years before focusing on writing & lecturing. Now I see clients and write in Austin, Texas. I have published in the areas of cosmology, chaos theory, dream work, social criticism, & poetry.

I am intrigued by consciousness and how it relates to a master code that generated the universe. Over the past 30 years, I have developed a fractal model of cosmology (a TOE) that includes consciousness. It was presented at the 20th international conference of the Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences.

This TOE (or Theory of Everything) combines physics and metaphysics. It suggests that our universe is a giant organism that we do not recognize scientifically. I explore this paradigm and what it suggests for us as conscious participants. This TOE describes our universe as giant twins, a Double Bubble universe of complementary, conjoined bubbles that exist above and below the Planck level scale of reality.

A membrane interface exists between the two bubbles. It sits at a scale far smaller than the quantized Planck scale where matter and energy emerge. Space and time develop at the tinier, smoother mactor scale…so named because it combines properties of a Mobius band and a Lorenz attractor. Gravitons drum along that monic interface to build and project the two bubbles of holographic dimensionality

This TOE explores reversing-mirror properties of the two bubbles and how they interact, both physically and metaphysically. We can infer the physical properties of the lower bubble from current laws in physics. Our upper bubble has 3D space and an arrow of time. It holds many tiny, diverse minds that are powered by electrical energy. That hidden bubble below the mactor scale has 3D time and an arrow of space. It also holds the lost pole of gravitation and the lost original antimatter (now fissioned into tachyons). 

Most important, that other bubble holds a single, giant, unified mind that is powered by speedy tachyon energy. Throughout history, that tachyonic cloudbank of unified mind has been available to our own tiny minds. Our psyches have fractal patterning in resonance with it, so when we go below the ego level, we can tap into it during dreams, meditation, and other altered states. We have given it names such as the oversoul, the collective unconscious, the akashic record, the great spirit, and so on.

This Double Bubble universe was built by a master code. It is based on the paradigm of a polarized bifurcation tree (or p-tree). It structures the two bubbles into symmetrically reversed properties. The p-tree's nonlinear dynamics develop 64 patterns of fractal co-chaos. They make up the master code generating this universe. This paradigm also templated a minor variant code that generated us: the genetic code.

Remarkably, the master code of gravitons that created our universe and its minor genetic variant that created us can both be shorthanded by the mathematical symbols of the I Ching. Long ago, ancient China somehow found the master code and condensed it into hexagrams. They said it revealed the universal mind of the Tao. Now modern science is slowly rediscovering that same code, but doing it piecemeal, scattered across genetic laboratories, fractal math, and various theories of relativity, superstrings, and quantum physics.

Thus this succinct, handy I Ching shorthand can act as a Rosetta Stone to unlock the master code of gravitons that builds space, time, matter, and energy. It can also tap into the universal mind as the way of the Tao. Realizing this can pull the human mind and matter together; it can integrate our consciousness with that of our universe.


Where Mind & Matter Meet in
 Physics & Metaphysics

This lecture uses Volume 1, Double Bubble Universe, to examine the interface between synchronicity and our physical world. It alternates discussion on physical reality with exploration of the metaphysical experience. It offers a paradigm to describe how mind and matter meet in our fractal universe.

The lecture utilizes PowerPoint images and discussion.

Double Bubble Universe is Volume 1 in the series called Double Bubble TOE, written by Katya Walter, Ph.D.

This lecture is held often in Austin, Texas. Whether your bent is more physical or metaphysical, there's something here for you…& you have something to offer the group. For more information about  time and place, use the contact page to get in touch.